mount ranier photo by designatednaphour“Our organization is much better equipped to activate people online to take action as a result of  New Media Mentors. Our social media presence has become much more focused and effective, and our emails have incorporated best practices. We have also been able to incorporate some of the lessons from the e-appeal training and we are having our best online fundraising year ever so far.”

—Kerry McHugh, Washington Environmental Council

gsa network“New Media Mentors helped us shift our approach to new media as an organization. The mentorship gave us the push, capacity, and perspective to integrate new media strategy into our organizational strategy. It also allowed us to experiment and invest in new approaches that have the potential to dramatically increase the impact of almost every aspect of our program work.”

—Jill Marcellus, Gay-Straight Alliance Network

end solitary confinement“New Media Mentors was instrumental in guiding us toward better planning at all levels of our organization — from short-term, rapid responses to months-long campaigns and even multi-year visioning. As we continue to refine our processes, we’ll attract more attention, grow our supporter base and be better able to move policies that will make a real difference for our communities.”

—Hayes Morehouse, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights

honeybee wildflower“Participating in the new media mentorship provided us with the technical training and strategic tools to take our organization’s online presence to the next level. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accessible, and tailors the program to meet each organization’s needs. We now have a strategic roadmap in place and are smarter about testing, segmenting our list, and tracking meaningful metrics.”

—Sara Knight, Pesticide Action Network

green corps class“Green Corps is committed to incorporating the knowledge gained from New Media Mentors into all aspects of our work because we know we’ll be even more effective in implementing our mission.”

—Josh Buswell-Charkow, Green Corps

Groups we’ve worked with include:

Advocates for Youth
California Immigrant Policy Center
Californians for Justice
Center for Food Safety
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights
Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Green Corps
Pesticide Action Network
PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
Washington Environmental Council