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End-of-year giving data from M&R Research Labs

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The folks at M&R Research Labs have posted some data comparing end of year giving for 14 organizations they’ve worked with. The results were great and their insights are pretty useful to begin planning your 2012 giving cycle. No, it’s never too early.

A lot more money – Every organization in this data set raised more money online in 2011 than they did in 2010.

A ton more gifts – 93% saw an increase in the number of gifts made. Overall gifts in this group increased by almost 25% over 2010.

Lower average gifts – 79% had lower average gifts in 2011 vs. 2010. Compared to last year’s report, this is the one downward trend. Last year, this figure was pretty much split down the middle with half having higher and half having lower average gifts than the year before.

Better response rates – 71% had the same or higher response rates to their email appeals than last year. Of the organizations that had higher response rates, a majority (63%) had larger lists and sent to more people. Last year, most organizations saw lower response rates compared with the prior year.

More emails – 71% sent more appeals this year vs. last year. Last year this figure was 85%, so this trend may be slowing a bit.

Intrigued? Make sure to check out the full article on their site to get the insights they learned by studying this data.

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