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Friday Linx: Day the LOLCats died edition

Friday Linx is a recurring feature on our blog. We’re aiming to bring you a collection of links worth a read and cute cat video to ease you into the weekend. This week the big news was much of the Internet “going dark” to protest SOPA/PIPA, so our video this week is only fitting. You’ll also find items on activism, Google+, branding, Pinterest, testing and training opportunities below.

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Failure is the key to success

It may be hard to accept, but failure is one the keys to having success with new media.

For many organizers, the world of social media can be a scary place—full of good intentions turned sour, PR disasters, out-of-control messages, haters and trolls. However, with a little strategic planning and a willingness to put yourself out there, it can also be a land of passionate supporters turned advocates, touching stories turned media hits and petitions that spread like wildfire.

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