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How to not ruin your website

In this post, guest blogger Laura Packard talks about successfully building or rebuilding your organization’s website – the topic of her upcoming training at Netroots Nation.

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How to launch your organization online

It’s spring, and it’s the season of new growth and renewal! Whether you’re a rather famous political leader running for President, or a future Executive Director launching a brand new organization, here’s some tips to make it a successful one. The phase between “thinking about it” and launching is crucial. What you do now can […]

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Online fundraising best practices for your organization

Online fundraising is so important for finding the resources to support progressive organizing. But it feels like best practices are often a mystery to people getting started, so we’re sharing some tips and ideas to improve the effectiveness of what you’re doing online. The first and most important principle for online fundraising for non-profits and […]

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How to grow your list with effective online advocacy

The dirty little secret is that a lot of online advocacy doesn’t necessarily accomplish anything offline AND it isn’t growing your list either. So how DO you make your action more effective? Here are some online advocacy best practices to follow.

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Maximizing the deliverability of your organization’s mass email

In the past year more and more organizations have been reporting trouble getting their mass emails delivered to inboxes with Gmail, Hotmail, or both. This post breaks down the problem and explains what you can do to resolve it.

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Optimize Your Facebook Headlines For Petitions

What makes people click a link on Facebook? The Huffington Post, Upworthy, and other publications that have mastered the art of using a social media curiosity gap to encourage clicks to their content.

You may want to apply this strategy for Facebook headlines, but there is at least one case where a curiosity gap will do more harm than good.

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