New Media Mentors

New Media Mentors Cohort 4

New Media Mentors Cohort 4:
Ella Baker Center, Washington Environmental Council & Gay-Straight Alliance Network

We change organizations so they can change the world.

New Media Mentors is a hands-on learning program that trains nonprofits to design and run winnable campaigns, expand their reach and influence and transform their leaders so they can have maximum impact and achieve their goals.

The program is based on the principle that using new media such as email, social media and social action technology effectively is key to an organization’s success both on and offline, and must be woven through all parts of an organization. Our “learning by doing” model insures the adoption of new knowledge and skills.

We work with groups so they can:

  • Mobilize supporters
  • Grow their support base
  • Design powerful email programs
  • Develop strategic new media plans
  • Identify new tools
  • Make social media work effectively
  • Experiment with new types of advertising
  • Develop rapid response programs
  • Measure the impact of new media work

Each mentorship is tailored to the specific needs of the groups we work with.

Since the program’s inception in 2011, we’ve worked with organizations that promote equality, fairness and justice. Those social justice and environmental organizations are now working more effectively, reaching more people in more communities and having greater impact across the board.

We’d love to talk to you about working together.