How We Work

New Media Mentors - Melissa Foley and Carolyn LaubEach mentorship is tailored to the specific needs of the group we work with and includes:

  • An initial full-day training session covering online tools and case studies
  • A comprehensive audit of a groups online presence and activities
  • An in-depth strategy session to determine the focus of the mentorship
  • Two hours + per week with the mentor to work on training, campaign planning and implementation (virtually or in person)
  • Three executive mentoring sessions
  • Weekly assignments and a practical project or campaign
  • Special trainings with outside experts and specialists
  • Real time feedback on new media work via phone and email
  • A final audit to track and analyze progress
  • A “roadmap” at the end of the mentorship to outline next steps
  • Access to a wide range of experts in the field
  • Attendance to the Netroots Nation conference
  • Follow up assistance for a year following the end of the mentorship
Sample calendar

Each mentorship will be customized to needs of the organization. However, this sample calendar approximates how the mentorship will progress. Each organization will spend two hours per week working with their mentor on trainings, campaign planning and implementation and be expected to spend an additional one to three hours per week working independently on related assignments.

Month 1
Week 1 Introduction and strategy session
Week 2 1st New Media Assessment development (no meeting)
Week 3 1st New Media Assessment development (no meeting)
Week 4 1st New Media Assessment development (no meeting)
Month 2
Week 5 1st New Media Assessment development (no meeting)
Week 6 Full-day training: Tools review, strategic planning, case studies
Week 7 1st New Media Assessment review
Week 8 Tactical training & implementation: Email
Month 3
Week 9 Tactical training & implementation: Blogger outreach
Week 10 Tactical implementation: Blogger outreach
Week 11 Tactical training & implementation: Facebook
Executive mentorship meeting
Week 12 Tactical training & implementation: Twitter
Month 4
Week 13 Tactical training: Websites & Google Analytics
Week 14 Tactical training: Google Adwords
Week 15 Tactical implementation: Google Adwords
Practical campaign: Planning
Executive mentorship meeting
Week 16 Practical campaign: Planning
Month 5
Week 17 Practical campaign: Planning
Week 18 Practical campaign: Implementation
Week 19 Practical campaign: Implementation
Executive mentorship meeting
Week 20 Practical campaign: Implementation
Month 6
Week 21 Roadmap: Introduction
Week 22 Roadmap: Part 1
2nd New Media Assessment: Pull data
Week 23 Roadmap: Part 2
Week 24 Roadmap: Conclusion
2nd new media assessment