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Vision, values, voice: Building powerful messages to win

If you’ve read anything on political messaging lately, you know you’re supposed to be talking about values and perfecting the art of storytelling. But what does that mean? In this interview Julie Fisher-Rowe of Opportunity Agenda talks about taking a values-based approach to messaging- the subject of her upcoming Netroots Nation training with Alan Jenkins.

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NN12 Preview: 3 reasons to blog on national security in 2012

For too long, progressives have been on the defensive when national defense is concerned. But no longer. President Obama has one of the strongest records on national security and foreign policy of any president in recent memory. As a result, the Left is suddenly seeing national security as a winning campaign issue.

It’s time for progressives to engage security voters. This post highlights three reasons you should consider blogging on national security in 2012.

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Who wants to hang out with a mission statement?

Let’s face it: mechanically posting articles to your organization’s Facebook or Twitter profile is easy. Many of us do it because we feel we need to post something, and posting something dry and descriptive is quick. The problem is these social media posts often read more like mission statements than fun updates. And we all know mission statements are boring. While they’re integral to defining your organization’s goals and strategy, they’re not usually written in a tone that’s engaging and approachable.

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