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5 tips for redesigning your website

So, you hate your organization’s website and are desperate to redo it. Welcome to the club! Websites are one of those things that are really hard to get right—especially when you’re on a budget.

Embarking on a redesign can be exciting, overwhelming and treacherous. Here are six tips for getting it right.

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4 reasons to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is by far the most commonly used tool for website analytics. However, in my work as a mentor I’m finding that the tool isn’t as pervasive as we might think. This post explores four reasons why every website should use Google Analytics.

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Is your website healthy? 6 key Google Analytics reports

Websites are often top of mind for nonprofit professionals. In my experience, people worry that their organization’s site might not be doing what it was meant to do, but don’t really know how to evaluate that or what to do about it. If this is weighing on you, why not give your site a quick check-up with Google Analytics? This post breaks down six key reports that are worth checking out.

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Keep on top of your site w/o logging into Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool, but it can also be a real time suck. The secret to staying on top of your site without wasting time logging into Google Analytics over and over is a combination of Google Analytics’ Dashboard and Email features. This post walks you through the steps necessary to create a very visual dashboard of reports, then have Google Analytics email that dashboard to you on a schedule.

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What you can learn from the the Affordable Care Act web launch

Even if you haven’t been in the market for insurance it’s been pretty much impossible to flip on your TV, radio or check in to your favorite spots online without hearing something about the problematic Healthcare.gov website launch. Why would we be adding more commentary to the pile here? Well, we don’t intend to actually.

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Making Posting to Drupal as Easy as Facebook

Drupal 8, the next version of the content management system Drupal, is projected for release sometime after Fall 2013. From all appearances it will be a quantum leap among content management systems and web-application frameworks. Two of the most anticipated changes are a simplified interface for content modification, and improved mobile compatibility.

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