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Case study: The most bang for the blast w/PAN

If you were given the choice of two presents of the same size – one wrapped in sparkling silver paper with a fancy bow, and the other covered in Sunday comics and topped with a bow made from duct tape – which would you choose?

Personally, I’d gravitate toward comics and duct tape, but I don’t assume that everyone shares my preference. Similarly, at PAN, we don’t assume we know which email subject line will most appeal to our online supporters.

This is the point of A/B testing nonprofit email blasts. Subject line testing not only helps you learn more about your list, it can make a big difference in how many viewers actually take action.

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Boost action rates with follow-up emails

Today’s NOI Tip of the Day is a great one. It’s a very actionable and simple way to increase action rates—send follow-up emails!

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Demystifying Google Grants

Google’s grant program represents both a terrific opportunity for non-profit organizations and a source of confusion and frustration for most of them. It sounds pretty easy on the surface, Google is giving you $10,000 a month in ad words and you can increase that to $40,000 a month if you’re consistently using the $10,000 up. It can be quite difficult to spend even a fraction of that $10,000 if you don’t employ the right strategies.

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