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Steal this idea: Twitter branding Opp

A few weeks back, Twitter announced a new opportunity to brand your organization. Check it out.

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How Komen flushed their brand in 24 hours

Here we dissect how Komen for the Cure completely destroyed a brand 3 decades in the making and how they’re now a different organization with a different future (if they even have one), whether they like it or not. My goal here is to help people understand this so you don’t make the same mistakes.

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Friday Linx: Day the LOLCats died edition

Friday Linx is a recurring feature on our blog. We’re aiming to bring you a collection of links worth a read and cute cat video to ease you into the weekend. This week the big news was much of the Internet “going dark” to protest SOPA/PIPA, so our video this week is only fitting. You’ll also find items on activism, Google+, branding, Pinterest, testing and training opportunities below.

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Who wants to hang out with a mission statement?

Let’s face it: mechanically posting articles to your organization’s Facebook or Twitter profile is easy. Many of us do it because we feel we need to post something, and posting something dry and descriptive is quick. The problem is these social media posts often read more like mission statements than fun updates. And we all know mission statements are boring. While they’re integral to defining your organization’s goals and strategy, they’re not usually written in a tone that’s engaging and approachable.

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