Trainings for New Activists

Have you recently gotten involved in activism and politics? Looking to learn the basics about topics like organizing and fundraising? Then check out these trainings for new activists!

Topic Training
Influencing Electeds Standing Indivisible: How to Make Your Voice Heard in Congress
Email Email 101: Best Practices for Running an Effective Email Program
Social Media Stop Telling Me to Make It Viral: Establishing a Compelling Digital Presence for Your Org or Campaign
Fundraising Fundraising 101: Donor Research and Baller Asks
Strategy Digital Strategy 101: Building Your Digital Campaign from the Ground Up
Strategy Organizing the Unorganized: Getting Your Organization or Movement off the Ground
Design Design 101: How to Visually Stand Out in a World of Noise
Engagement When the Ladder Isn’t Enough: Engaging New Supporters for Long-term Organizing
Communications Look Alive! Communication Strategies for Direct Action and Rapid Response
Earned Media How to Turn a Social Media Moment into a Traditional Media News Story (and Get Funding for It!)
Messaging Messaging 101: The Art and Science of Creating Powerful Messages
Structuring a Team Your Group, Stronger: Understanding and Reacting to Common Group Dynamics
Building Big Power through Small Campaigns
Activist Toolbox: Organizing to Win Progressive Local Policy
Municipal Initiatives: A Petition for Change

Registering for Netroots Nation grants you access to all trainings, plus panels, keynotes and networking events. Some conferences with trainings of this caliber cost $800 or more, but our passes start at just $95.

Netroots Nation 2017 is August 10-13 in Atlanta.