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Can Your Org Jump on Rapid Response Opportunities?

For most advocacy organizations, the easiest way to build an email list is by running a popular petition campaign. Most of the time these are rapid response campaigns that involve jumping on the news or a hot topic.

Is your organization setup to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities? This post guides you through the process of developing a rapid response action plan.

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How to grow your list with effective online advocacy

The dirty little secret is that a lot of online advocacy doesn’t necessarily accomplish anything offline AND it isn’t growing your list either. So how DO you make your action more effective? Here are some online advocacy best practices to follow.

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Experts speak: All about SignOn.org

In the wake of the news that Change.org will no longer work exclusively with progressive organizations, many folks have been asking for more info about alternative tools. Today, we’re digging into MoveOn’s petition tool with Steven Biel, the director of SignOn.org.

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NN12 Preview: Winning Wireless

Text messaging is already the de facto way our society communicates. Since people are already communicating with each other over text, shouldn’t that be how you’re reaching them too? More and more groups are realizing that a mobile campaign can be a simple and effective way to build a list of supporters and reach them with targeted, relevant information.

In this post, I’ll step through why a mobile campaign is an important part of your outreach strategy.

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NN12 Preview: Don’t be a slacktivist—how to make clicks mean something

What’s the difference between slacktivism and online actions that are actually meaningful? In this Netroots Nation 2012 preview, trainer Jason Rosenbaum describes how a good theory of change is critical to making an online campaign impactful and successful.

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How the Internet Beat SOPA and PIPA: Advocacy in a Networked World (Part 2)

On Jan 18, 2012, the web pulled off a much-publicized and widely coordinated protest campaign to oppose SOPA and PIPA by “going dark.” The effort, which included participation by notable web giants such as Google, Mozilla, Craigslist, and Wikipedia, was aimed at building public opposition to 2 proposed anti-piracy bills that were moving through Congress – the Stop Online Privacy Act in the House of Representatives (SOPA) and the Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) in the Senate. This is the second post in a two-part series that breaks down this mindboggling and precedent setting win.

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