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Experts speak: All about Care2

In the wake of Change.org’s change to their advertiser policy, many organizations are still looking for alternatives to tools they can use to build their email lists. Today Clint O’Brien, Vice President of Business Development at Care2 talks about how nonprofits can use Care2, and the company’s advertising policies.

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Nonprofit guide to budgeting online projects

Over the past few weeks we’ve been revealing the cost of some of the most popular advertising tools and online projects. In case you missed something, or just want to print out a cheat sheet to use when working on your 2013 budget, here’s a round-up of everything we covered.

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What’s it cost? Facebook ads

We’ve been digging into some of the most common new media marketing tools and special projects and breaking down the costs for each. Our hope is that these posts will make your life a little easier when you’re working on your budget, or thinking about trying something new.

Today we’re talking about Facebook ads – those simple image and text ads that appear on the right side of Facebook.

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What’s it cost? Facebook promoted posts

Has you been wanting to experiment with new online tools for your nonprofit organization, but aren’t sure what kind of budget you need? To help you out, we’ll be breaking down the costs of some of the most popular marketing tools and special projects over the next few weeks.

First up is Facebook advertising and today we’re going to look at promoted posts.

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