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Why I care about Pinterest

Recently a fellow ‘Winning the Internet’ blogger lamented on why she didn’t “care about Pinterest.” I promised her that I write a post to counter her position, and here it is!

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The Hunger Games, coal, and tapping into pop culture

In the “Hunger Games”, heroine Katniss Everdeen heralds from District 12—a coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains. The residents of District 12 suffer from the same issues people face in coal mining towns today. This is an opportunity to have a mainstream conversation about coal!

Jumping on a hot topic like this can be very effective. This post details how you can use pop culture to tell your organization’s story.

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TechSoup’s digital storytelling challenge

TechSoup is doing something pretty cool that you should know about. They’ve got a digital storytelling challenge going on that’s one part competition and one part professional instruction. Storytelling is the secret sauce to being successful with video in your work. You don’t need the most expensive camera on the market and you don’t need to be a pro if you can tell a story.

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Don’t ever do this

It’s a near certainty that if you’re in this business long enough, one of two things is going to happen (or both):

1. You’re going to read several articles that state with deadpan seriousness that in order to grow your list you should consider creating a viral video.

2. Your boss or client is going to strongly suggest to you that what you need to be working on is creating viral videos.

A tale gone incredibly wrong.

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