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Social Media Toolkits: all the cool kids have them (but most won’t share)

Many nonprofits and small organizations have jumped on the social media bandwagon because ‘everyone else is there’ or because their competition is doing it. But those aren’t good reasons to go at it without a plan and you owe it to yourself to put some structure in place. This post walks you through developing a social media toolkit for your organization.

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Why I care about Pinterest

Recently a fellow ‘Winning the Internet’ blogger lamented on why she didn’t “care about Pinterest.” I promised her that I write a post to counter her position, and here it is!

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What are you measuring?

In today’s ever changing communication landscape, you should liken your social media efforts to building a house. You’ll create your blueprint (social, web, mobile, etc), amass your tools (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and FourSquare), and finally, bring your rulers and leveler (outcome and output measurements).

By definition, output measurements measure those that are tangible and concrete, but social media is about engagement. How do you measure that?

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