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Long live the king: EMAIL!

After a great run, the Winning the Internet blog has been retired. However, you can still keep in touch with New Media Mentors here.

Here’s another great post from Allyson Kapin over at Frogloop about email. It is NOT dead. Not by a LONG shot. Email “continues to grow and be the dominant communications tool,” and while social media is important for engagement, “email is still king.”

No kidding. Look at the stats they mention:

There are an estimated 2.9 BILLION email addresses AND 188 billion emails are sent daily.  Yowser.

While social media channels such as Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and others are on the rise, they can’t hold a candle to the numbers listed here.

Also check out the infographic at the bottom of the post – it definitely tells the story.

Great stuff. Thanks, Allyson!

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