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Social media demographics; who’s hanging where, the Facebook edition

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facebookSocial media giant Facebook, now weighs in with more than 901 million active users – with 3.2 billion likes and comments posted daily. According to Techcrunch, there are 152.8 million users in the U.S based on usage from computers as well as mobile devices.

But, while it’s tempting to jump in, post those juicy bits and count the likes, shares and comments – the numbers aren’t what really matters. It’s impact, right? Tracking, analysis and ultimate success will be based on the goals you set at the start of a campaign – way before the counting begins.

With your plan in place, it’s still worth knowing some of the key demographics of Facebook, including the following highlights:

Some other tidbits from Frogloop:

  • Photos get the most likes and shares.
  • Text gets the most comments.
  •  Content posted earlier in the day generates the most likes and shares.

So – like it, or not 🙂 – as Facebook approaches 1 billion users, you likely need a strategy in place to use this mega social platform. Then count wins.

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