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Friday Linx: Bromail edition

Friday Linx is a recurring feature on our blog. We’re aiming to bring you a collection of links worth a read and cute cat video to ease you into the weekend. Well, the cats are on strike this weekend. So we bring you Jon Stewart instead. Below you’ll find items on Code Academy, Communications, Email, Benchmarking reports, and the best meme to hit the Internet this week.

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Benchmarking: How does your organization stack up to the rest?

Ever wonder how your organization’s new media program compares to other nonprofits’? Three benchmarking reports were just released that can help you answer that question.

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Are nonprofits raising money with social media?

The 3rd annual Nonprofit Social Benchmark Report is hot off the presses. Allyson Kapin has a good post summarizing the key findings over at Frogloop.

But let’s focus on raising money. “Can I raise money with social media?” is one of the most common questions we hear. There are enough stories of an organization raising a large amount of money through Facebook or another platform that many organizations become interested in social media because of the fundraising potential.

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