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Nonprofit guide to budgeting online projects

Over the past few weeks we’ve been revealing the cost of some of the most popular advertising tools and online projects. In case you missed something, or just want to print out a cheat sheet to use when working on your 2013 budget, here’s a round-up of everything we covered.

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What’s it cost? Mobile

These days it’s not uncommon to hear folks touting mobile as the future of new media. It’s no surprise considering that 88% of Americans now carry a cell phone and nearly half of those folks have smartphones.1 Combine that with a few amazing case studies (like the $30+ million Red Cross raised after the catastrophic earthquake that hit Haiti2), and many nonprofits have been thirsting for more information about this promising technology.

In today’s post we’ll answer the elusive question—How much does it cost?—and break down some of the most common ways nonprofits use mobile.

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NN12 Preview: Winning Wireless

Text messaging is already the de facto way our society communicates. Since people are already communicating with each other over text, shouldn’t that be how you’re reaching them too? More and more groups are realizing that a mobile campaign can be a simple and effective way to build a list of supporters and reach them with targeted, relevant information.

In this post, I’ll step through why a mobile campaign is an important part of your outreach strategy.

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Creating mobile email templates

We’ve written about the importance of mobile email and optimizing your templates for those devices. In this post we provide some practical tips based on our own implementation and links to more in depth resources.

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Are you ready for mobile email?

Have you thought about your email template lately and how it may be affecting clickthrough performance for mobile users? No? Check this piece out to get started with mobile email templates with a hat tip to responsive web design and the quirks of coding HTML templates for email.

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