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Vision, values, voice: Building powerful messages to win

If you’ve read anything on political messaging lately, you know you’re supposed to be talking about values and perfecting the art of storytelling. But what does that mean? In this interview Julie Fisher-Rowe of Opportunity Agenda talks about taking a values-based approach to messaging- the subject of her upcoming Netroots Nation training with Alan Jenkins.

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Using theories of change to campaign and win

We all campaign on the basis of theories about how change will happen, whether these are explicit or just our standard operating assumptions. In this interview we talk with May Miller-Dawkins of Corelab about developing effective theories of change – the topic of her upcoming training at Netroots Nation 2014.

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How to get media and breakthrough on your issue

The media landscape is changing dramatically and getting more crowded by the minute. How do we breakout, breakthrough and win in this competitive landscape?

In this post we interview Doug Gordon of FitzGibbon Media about developing creative integrated (earned, paid, social) campaigns that can influence decision makers and persuade the public – the topic of Doug’s upcoming training at Netroots Nation.

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Click here! How to write advocacy emails that work

Tired of writing emails with good open rates but low clickthrough and action rates? The problem may lie in your presentation. In this post we interview Elena Perez of SEIU-UHW (formerly with MoveOn.org and the California National Organization for Women) about writing good emails and her upcoming Netroots Nation training on the same topic.

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Spring cleaning: Clean up your digital (work) life

Well, spring has sprung! It’s a spectacular day here in Oakland and my mind is on spring cleaning. To make things simple, I’ve put together a checklist with ideas for cleaning up your digital work life.

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What to do in 2014? Make headlines!

Looking forward to 2014? Here’s how to make headlines!

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