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No Jedi Mind Tricks Needed: Harnessing the Power of Narrative

Progressives too often lead campaign messages with facts, policy abstractions or the problem itself, losing the public’s attention and failing to move anyone to action. The solution is to ground campaign communications in the heroic stories of real people taking action to defend our shared values. In this interview we explore this topic with Marissa Luna of Progress Michigan and Spencer Olson of Fuse Washington, in advance of their upcoming Netroots Nation training.

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¡Se habla Español! Creating a Successful Bilingual Campaign

All successful campaigns share some basic elements that help you win, but if you are running a bilingual campaign, there are important steps to take to help you engage Spanish-speakers more effectively. In this interview, Adria Marquez of 270 Strategies talks about planning bilingual campaigns – the topic of her upcoming Netroots Nation training with Luis Avila.

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Creative for All: The Keys to Creating Compelling Content

In this interview with Rohan Porteous of Agency we talk about how to develop good creative content – the topic of his upcoming Netroots Nation training.

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Vision, values, voice: Building powerful messages to win

If you’ve read anything on political messaging lately, you know you’re supposed to be talking about values and perfecting the art of storytelling. But what does that mean? In this interview Julie Fisher-Rowe of Opportunity Agenda talks about taking a values-based approach to messaging- the subject of her upcoming Netroots Nation training with Alan Jenkins.

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Using theories of change to campaign and win

We all campaign on the basis of theories about how change will happen, whether these are explicit or just our standard operating assumptions. In this interview we talk with May Miller-Dawkins of Corelab about developing effective theories of change – the topic of her upcoming training at Netroots Nation 2014.

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How to get media and breakthrough on your issue

The media landscape is changing dramatically and getting more crowded by the minute. How do we breakout, breakthrough and win in this competitive landscape?

In this post we interview Doug Gordon of FitzGibbon Media about developing creative integrated (earned, paid, social) campaigns that can influence decision makers and persuade the public – the topic of Doug’s upcoming training at Netroots Nation.

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