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Using theories of change to campaign and win

We all campaign on the basis of theories about how change will happen, whether these are explicit or just our standard operating assumptions. In this interview we talk with May Miller-Dawkins of Corelab about developing effective theories of change – the topic of her upcoming training at Netroots Nation 2014.

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4 Reasons to Make Time for Strategy

We all want to work strategically, but we don’t end up doing it most of the time. There’s one thing I’ve come to realize: Making time for strategy is hard, but totally worth it. Here are four reasons you should make time for strategy. Keep these in mind when making time gets tough.

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New Media Mentors: 3 years in + what we’ve learned

We launched New Media Mentors in 2011. Here are some lessons learned about what it takes to win online.

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New Year’s resolutions, Winning the Internet style

Well, it’s a new year! Yes, it’s an opportunity to finally get those abs you’ve always wanted, but it’s also an opportunity to become a stronger online organizer and create more change than ever before. Check out this post for great resources for some of the most needed resolutions.

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Can Your Org Jump on Rapid Response Opportunities?

For most advocacy organizations, the easiest way to build an email list is by running a popular petition campaign. Most of the time these are rapid response campaigns that involve jumping on the news or a hot topic.

Is your organization setup to take advantage of these kinds of opportunities? This post guides you through the process of developing a rapid response action plan.

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Where are your supporters on the Ladder of Engagement?

If you work in the social change space, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Ladder of Engagement. This post walks you through the process of creating a Ladder of Engagement snapshot – essentially a report that shows where your supporters fall on the ladder right now.

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