Winning the Internet

Winning the Internet

After a great run, the Winning the Internet blog has been retired. However, you can still keep in touch with New Media Mentors here.

Welcome to our new blog, Winning the Internet. All of us at Netroots Foundation and Netroots Nation have been working in the new media space since there was a new media space. In fact, our signature annual conference was created so that people could meet in person, collaborate and learn.

Since then we’ve worked to build programs like New Media Mentors and we’re working with organizations and activists year-round. In the process of conducting this work we’ve discovered that there’s a wealth of information out there on new media—more than any one person can keep up with, in fact. But a lot of it is conflicting advice, unnecessarily evangelizes new technology or is simply a waste of time.

As a busy organizer, it’s hard to keep up and determine if you really should be investing in something. Should you be focusing on building out a G+ brand page or decking out your LinkedIn profile? The zeitgeist as of this post being written might lead you to believe that you should drop everything and work on this right now. But is that just good marketing on behalf of LinkedIn and Google, or is it really something you’re missing out on?

Our plan is to curate the best pieces we run across, add our own insights and strategic context and then share them with you. We hope that helps to make experimenting with new media something exciting rather than terrifying.

Second, we aim to be storytellers for great organizing, new media strategies and tactics. Far too often, we don’t celebrate our own movement wins. Sharing lessons learned is not always a priority, although it should be. We might write something up for our donors, board members or other stakeholders, but we rarely take time to mesh those stories and lessons in a larger narrative that illustrates how we are collectively creating change. We hope to begin changing that.

So add us to your RSS feed and follow us on twitter. We’re just getting started.

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