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A meme done right

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a meme gone horribly wrong. But today I wanted to share an example of someone doing it right. About 3 weeks ago a meme was born. And it’s been copied over and over and over again since then. As with all memes some are as funny or funnier than the original, some aren’t.

Generally it’s a good idea to stay away from things like this as I said in my “Don’t ever do this” post. But when someone does it right you have to pay credit where credit’s due.

Franchecsa Ramsey is a NYC-based comedian and video blogger. And she created something that leveraged the meme in question and also made a social point about white privilege at the same time. Just taking on some of the topics here isn’t easy on a good day, much less doing a humorous take on it that’ll stick with people and make them want to share it. So there is an exception to every rule. Enjoy!

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