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Use Facebook timeline covers to promote your cause

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Are you using Facebook Timeline for your personal Facebook profile yet? Even if you aren’t, many people are. And, as Timeline continues to become more popular, organizations are starting to think about how they can use it to promote their causes.

Kivi Leroux Miller published a post today about how organizations are using Timeline cover photos creatively. Organizations like National Resources Defense Council are making cover photos like this one available to supporters via a Facebook photo album:

NRDC Facebook Cover

If you think you might like to create some Timeline cover photos for your organization or cause, Miller offers some advice:

  • Pick beautiful images that your supporters would want on their own profiles. Include your very best stuff.
  • Obviously, get the size correct (850 x 315)
  • Overlay your logo, perhaps a phrase like “I support the (your name)”, and your Facebook or website URL
  • Put them all in a Facebook album that you can link to.
  • Explain how to use the photos: Supporters will need to save the image to their own computers and then upload it into their own album on their profile, and then make it the cover photo.

I love the idea of creating promotional Timeline covers for your organization–especially if you already have powerful images that you can use.  My only word of caution is to remember that you’ll need to have some kind of plan to promote your covers if you want people to actually use them. Don’t count on people finding and using them on their own.

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