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Social Media Demographics – Who’s hanging where, the Twitter edition

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While we all know by now, it’s not just size that matters – (it’s impact, right?) – some of the numbers for social media platforms are well worth knowing.  And yes, its true – clear goals and sound strategies drive successful campaigns, in order to be effective we also need to know whom we’re targeting and where those audiences hang out.

First up: Twitter

Tallying upwards of 500 million users, 33 billion tweets daily, and 1 million accounts opened every day according to Social Media Today  a Pew Internet report released in May 2012, has a great roundup of additional facts and figures including the following highlights:

  • African-Americans — Black internet users continue to use Twitter at high rates. More than one quarter of online African-Americans (28%) use Twitter, with 13% doing so on a typical day.
  •  Young adults — One quarter (26%) of internet users ages 18-29 use Twitter, nearly double the rate for those ages 30-49. Among the youngest internet users (those ages 18-24), fully 31% are Twitter users
  •  Users are split almost evenly between men and women

In addition Convince and Convert adds that Twitter users are 33% more likely to be Democrats. Their blog post is worth a read.

Other juicy bits:

One in five –  (20%!)! Smart phone owners are Twitter users.

@Twitter itself has 11,386,546 followers.

Takeaways: think before you tweet. Ask who are you trying to reach? Then master 140 characters. Twitter’s not going away any time soon.

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