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Four kick-ass custom Google Analytics reports

An amazing amount of data can be found in Google Analytics—some may argue it’s too much data. This is where custom reports can be a huge help. With Google Analytics’ custom report tool you can create any report you want, save it, and view it as frequently as you like, with just a few of clicks.

This post walks you through setting up four super useful custom reports: 1) Traffic from social networks, 2) Traffic from blogs, 3) Most popular blog posts, and 4) Most popular pages (for a particular part of the site).

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Track outbound links with Google Analytics Event Tracking

For most of us, clicks on our websites that lead to other sites aren’t tracked at all. This can be a major drag, especially considering that donate and take action links often leads to third-party sites.

Fortunately, the good folks over at Google have created a solution! It’s called Event Tracking. With the right coding, you can track outbound links and just about any type of interaction within a page.

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Benchmarking: How does your organization stack up to the rest?

Ever wonder how your organization’s new media program compares to other nonprofits’? Three benchmarking reports were just released that can help you answer that question.

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Social tracking with Google Analytics

Did you know that you can use Google Analytics to track social engagement on your website? It’s true!

The latest version of Google Analytics includes new social reports that you can use to measure social interactions on your website. “Social interactions” include clicks to your Facebook or Twitter page, Likes on a particular page or blog post, etc.

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Google Analytics: Fun with advanced segments

Do you know how to use Google Analytics to see how a subset of your visitors are using your website? It’s easy with Advanced Segments! Today’s post details how to create an Advanced Segment and highlights some of my favorite Advanced Segments.

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What are you measuring?

In today’s ever changing communication landscape, you should liken your social media efforts to building a house. You’ll create your blueprint (social, web, mobile, etc), amass your tools (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, YouTube and FourSquare), and finally, bring your rulers and leveler (outcome and output measurements).

By definition, output measurements measure those that are tangible and concrete, but social media is about engagement. How do you measure that?

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