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Action Network just crashed a few gates

Last week the Action Network launched with the promise of providing free digital tools to progressives. The tool they launched is well designed, simple, clean and even makes functions like reporting (which are usually awful) easy to use.

But they went quite a bit further than that by really crashing some digital gates which will ultimately result in more effective activism and better digital tools for everyone.

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ShareProgress: An interview with analytics expert Jim Pugh

As we gear up for Netroots Nation 2013, today we’re interviewing analytics expert, Jim Pugh, who has developed an exciting new tool called Share Progress, which optimizes social sharing.

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Creating shareable images in under 5 minutes (without money or design skills)

We all know that images are king on Facebook. Images with text are incredibly popular and people love to share them. In fact, one of the organizations I mentored recently tried creating and sharing an image with text on Facebook for the first time and found that it was shared 100 times more than their previously most popular post!

The truth is that you really don’t need an abundance of time or money to create shareable images. Here’s how you do it on the cheap and easy.

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Release the Thunderclap!

One part Twitter, one part Facebook, and three parts Kickstarter, with a twist of advocacy. That’s roughly the ingredient list for what goes into Thunderclap, a social media “crowdspeaking” platform launched earlier this year, and potentially a game changer for increasing the effectiveness of advocacy campaigns through social media.

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Focus on ROI, not new toys

For the last year I’ve been on a quest to figure out what it takes to turn an organization’s new media program into a successful one. I’ve mentored seven incredible organizations as part of our New Media Mentors program, and have learned a ton in the process. All this week I’ll be publishing my key take-aways from our pilot.

My first one’s a doozy: Focus on ROI, not new toys

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Moving beyond tactics

When you’re working for change and running low on resources and high on ambitions, it’s tempting to jump right to the chase. For those of us in the online space this often means jumping into tactics before you’ve figured out a clear plan for using them to achieve your goals. This might mean creating a new Twitter or Google+ account, deciding your organization absolutely must have a video, etc. These can be powerful tools, but without an action plan, they can turn out to be just the opposite– drains on budget and staff time.

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