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Saving daylight: 3 easy ways to save time while organizing online

Daylight Savings was on Sunday and it got me thinking about saving time. In honor of Sunday, here are three easy things you can do to save time while doing online organizing.

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4 Reasons to Make Time for Strategy

We all want to work strategically, but we don’t end up doing it most of the time. There’s one thing I’ve come to realize: Making time for strategy is hard, but totally worth it. Here are four reasons you should make time for strategy. Keep these in mind when making time gets tough.

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New Year’s resolutions, Winning the Internet style

Well, it’s a new year! Yes, it’s an opportunity to finally get those abs you’ve always wanted, but it’s also an opportunity to become a stronger online organizer and create more change than ever before. Check out this post for great resources for some of the most needed resolutions.

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How to get the most out of a training, conference or webinar

Have you ever attended a totally inspiring and energizing training, webinar, or conference, only to return to “business as usual” once you get back to your desk? If so, you’re not alone!

This post features a few tips for getting the most out of trainings, conferences and webinars, using a learning-by-doing mentality.

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How to Win the Internet

Over the years New Media Mentors has had the opportunity to mentor a diverse set of organizations that aspire to take their new media work to the next level. Based on that experience we’ve put together “How to Win the Internet” which can be used as a framework for setting nonprofit organizations up for success online.

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New Media Mentors take-away: Being realistic about resources is critical

This week I’m sharing two of my biggest take-aways from the third cohort of New Media Mentors—a program designed to help nonprofits make their online organizing work more strategic, effective and efficient.

Today’s post gets at how organizations manage online work internally: To maximize effectiveness, being realistic about resources is critical.

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