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Twitter basics: Influencing the conversation

After a great run, the Winning the Internet blog has been retired. However, you can still keep in touch with New Media Mentors here.

Last weekend Colin Delany of e.politics gave a presentation at Netroots NY about using Twitter to influence the conversation. Lucky for those of us who couldn’t make it to the event, Colin wrote up a blog post with his main points. If you’re new to Twitter or just want to make sure you’re following best practices, you’ll definitely want to check out the post.

All of Delany’s points are delightfully brief, and they range from defining what Twitter is to practical tips on how to engage with influencers. He writes:

Who’s on Twitter is More Important than How Many Are

Twitter has a much smaller audience than Facebook, but it’s loaded with journalists, bloggers, activists and other influentials. Even a small following can be effective if it’s composed of the right people.

Find Your Niche and Add Value to It

Some people can Tweet about trivia and get away with it, particularly if they’re famous or hot, but most of us will need to concentrate on a niche and build up a reputation within it. How? By regularly tweeting content — including links to content — that people are interested in.

For these tips and more, check out the full post.

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